Looking Ahead

At three p.m. on April 3rd, the day traditionally called ‘Good Friday’,  a Meeting for Worship and Remembrance for Dwaine Williams and his family will be held in the Meeting House.

This Sunday, April 5th, is Easter.   Activities will begin at 8:30 a.m. with a Breakfast prepared by the Elders.  The Meeting House will open at 8:00.  Worship will follow our regular pattern of persons gathering at 9:30 to enter a time of intentional, unstructured corporate worship. At 10:00 worship will continue in a more structured manner. F/friends are encouraged to participate as you feel led.

On Tuesday, April 7, the Missions Committee will host the Gideons.

Caritas will keep its regular schedule: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – 10:oo – 1:00