This Sunday, November 23rd,  after Meeting for Worship, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with a fellowship meal. 

 What to expect….on First Day Mornings

Quaker Worship is consciously acknowledging that we have entered Christ’s presence and our appropriate role is that of listening to what Christ may being saying to or even through us.
Just prior to 9:30 worshipers begin to gather in the Meeting Room in stillness that is marked by expectant listening.   Please, once worship has begun, enter the Meeting House respectfully and quietly,  find your place and join the worship in progress.
Near 10:00 the worship leader will break the stillness of the Meeting with a Welcome that is followed by music conducive to meditation. This is an opportunity for those who chose to enter or leave as the character of the Meeting changes.  An invitation is given to share joys and concerns with the community.  These are held in prayer which is usually followed by a hymn. 
Friends then return to open worship.  It is anticipated that those led by Christ’s spirit will share what is put on their hearts and such messages are intentionally bracketed in stillness.  A prepared message is often offered during this time.
Following the sharing of announcements the time of corporate worship concludes with an energetic piece of music.
Following a break for fellowship, an adult discussion class usually convenes in the Library.  On third Sundays Monthly Meeting for Business will meet followed by a Pot Luck Fellowship Meal.

Welcome to Worship in the Manner of Friends.