Holding in the Light

Love is the will to nurture life and growth in oneself and in another. Love is personal; it is the sacred trust of living things.  Donald Green, 1982

In Meeting for Worship many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings, good news from medical professionals.  Many of those things are shared here along with other concerns that you may wish to carry on your heart and remember in your prayers.

  • Friends of Don and Lorna
  • Friend of Bob Weise
  • Amber, under the weather
  • Ken’s recovery after heart surgery
  • Judy and Johan
  • Jonathan and Carol
  • Chris and Mark Hurd.
  • Refugees flooding into Europe
  • Our nation’s great divides over Court decisions, racial and economic issues.
  • Civilians and military personnel who continue to suffer in the futile attempt to resolve religious, economic and political issues through violence.
  • Caritas, with its new Director and Manager
  • Conditions in Russia that could have an impact on service there.
  • Elizabeth Todd’s ministry in Ramallah
  • The work of Hutton Settlement and its dedicated staff
  • Gar Mickelson and Kaleidoscope Ministry
  • People of faith being persecuted by religious extremists at home and abroad.

We hold those who offer hospitality to wounded souls on our hearts. We pray for peace and for resolution to the internal strife in the middle east.  We hold on our hearts persons suffering at the hands of religious extremists.

We hold on our hearts the Friends Serving Abroad of Northwest Yearly Meeting.

We hold in Christ’s Light those persons elected to serve our nation, our state and our community: U.S. Representative: Cathy McMorris Rogers; Senators: Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell; President: Barack Obama; Governor: Jay Inslee; and those who represent us as members of Washington State Legislature.  Our Mayor, City and County Councils.

“Lord, enable us to surrender our defended fortresses…”