Holding in the Light

As we open ourselves to become the channel of God’s healing grace we shall find that healing is given to those who pray as well as to those for whom we are praying.
-Jack Dobbs 1984

In Meeting many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings, good news from medical professionals.

 Please hold on your heart and in your prayers:

  • The Pintos in Royal Park Care Center
  • Amber Joplin, Recovering from Hip Surgery this week
  • Lili and Lois traveling to Virginia
  • Linda and Wade – getting stronger each day
  • Robbie’s friend who had a death in her family
  • Judy and Johann in a time of uncertainty.
  • Kitty beginning her ministry with Hospice
  • Linda T.’s nephew
  • Bruce and Leann Williams family: remodeling, illness, employment…
  • Dwayne and Becky Williams family: Jonathan and Carol.
  • The extended Thornburg family in the loss of Stan
  • Jonas and Charlene teaching in Italy
  • Gar Mickelson and Kaleidoscope Ministry
  • Families in the Red Cross Shelter in our Meeting House
  • We hold those who offer hospitality to wounded souls on our hearts.
  • We pray for resolution to the internal strife in Syria and for peace in the middle east.
  • We hold on our hearts the Friends Serving Abroad of Northwest Yearly Meeting.
  • We hold in Christ’s Light those persons elected to serve our nation, our state and our community: U.S. Representative: Cathy McMorris Rogers; Senators: Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell; President: Barack Obama; Governor: Jay Inslee; and those who represent us as members of Washington State Legislature.  Our Mayor, City and County Councils.

“Lord, enable us to surrender our defended fortresses…”