January 19, 2020

 Spokane Friends Meeting celebrates January as PEACE MONTH.  This year our theme is “Peace with our Neighbors” and its purpose is to educate ourselves about other faiths so we can “walk cheerfully” in our highly polarized culture and be outgoing and welcoming in our relationships with those of different faiths and cultures.

We regret to announce that our scheduled speaker for this Sunday, LaRae Wiley, Executive Director of Salish School of Spokane, who planned to share Native American spiritual traditions with us, is ill and has had to cancel her visit.  We hope to re-schedule her presentation later; for this Sunday, Friends will consider some queries about our relationship with other faiths.  We will also announce our plans for a Quaker presence at Monday’s Martin Luther King Day Parade.

Monthly Meeting for Business will convene at rise of worship.  All are welcome


Looking Ahead

Jan  26     Yousif Kaddoura (Islam)


“What the Heck is a Quaker Anyway?”   If you are not sure what the answer to this question is, you might want to attend our February series emphasizing Quaker distinctives.

Feb 3   Colin Saxton