October 13, 2019

Under consideration during this Sunday’s worship is The Universal Christ.  This is the title of a book by Richard Rohr that some of your friends/Friends have been reading and discussing for the past ten weeks.

What did they think of the book?  Did they learn anything new to carry away from it?  Did God speak to them through it?  Now is your chance to find out, especially if you wanted to be part of the group but were unable to.  Their short comments on and responses to the book may elicit a response from you also.  And  several copies of the book may be available for you to borrow if the Spirit leads.    Please join us!.


Looking Ahead

Oct  20   Lois Kieffaber

Oct  27    Rachael Fairbanks

Nov   3     Paul Blankenship

Nov  10    Gary Jewell

Nov  17    Paul Blankenship