Sunday, December 9, 2018

Join us in singing together our favorite Christmas carols and hymns.  (A little bird told me there will be special music featuring our new Friend, Walter Simon, and Bob Wiese!)   And note a change in schedule:  NO POTLUCK TODAY, but look forward to something very special between Christmas and the New Year!

Worship in Christ’s presence begins as the first persons arrive and settle into the silence. Doors are opened around 9:00 a.m.  Community worship will begin around 10:00 a.m.


Looking Ahead

December   9      NOTE: Schedule change:  There will be NO POTLUCK today. 

December  16     Third Sunday of Advent:  Paul Blankenship will share his faith journey,                                    followed by Monthly Meeting for Business.

December  23      Fourth Sunday of Advent

December  25      Christmas

December 30        Lois Kieffaber