August 18, 2019

Join us this Sunday when Paul Blankenship continues as message bearer.


Looking Ahead

Aug  12    Arrival of Deborah Suess and Tim Jackson in Spokane.  [Some of us will                                   remember Deborah as our beloved interim pastor before the arrival of  Nick                           Block.  She and her husband Tim will join us for a 6 week period of ministry                            alongside Paul Blankenship.]

Aug  14    Welcome celebration for Deborah and Tim at the home of Jon and Krista                                  Maroni, 114 W Hawthorne, at 6 pm.  Bring your favorite food for a potluck                              meal.  All are welcome.

Aug 18    Paul Blankenship

Aug 25     Deborah Suess

Sept.  1    Deborah Suess

Sept   9    Deborah Suess

Sept  15   Paul Blankenship

Sept  22    Deborah Suess

Sept  29    Paul Blankenship