Reflections on Yearly Meeting

Scripture Reading Matthew 14: 13-21

Reflections on Experiences at Northwest Yearly Meeting’s annual sessions recently held in Newberg, Oregon. The following persons from Spokane Friends attended Yearly. Bruce Williams, Leann Williams, Sarah Peterson, Keith Sellers, Kitty Bendixen-park, Norm Pasche, Martha Puckett, Paul Puckett, Nick Block.

Out of a season of un-programmed worship several of these were at liberty to speak as the Spirit lead. Each shared personal reflections and this material not available for submission to this web page. Instead what is included here are statements of Friends concerning our life together as a Religious Society,

“Dear Friends, with my Love in the Lord to you all; It has been often in my mind from … the Spirit of the Lord … that if you had, once a year, a Yearly Meeting, as they have in Holland, Germany and Friesland, at Rhode Island and in England… (it should be) of great service; for Friends to see one another, know how the affairs of Truth prospers and how Friends do grow in the Truth of God, to the comfort and joy of one another it it; in which the Lord Jesus Christ is exalted. And if there should be any differences among Friends, it may be ended at the Yearly Meeting… so that all things… may be kept in Peace and Love, all dwelling in the Wisdom of God that is from above….

And my desires are that you may all be preserved in God’s Power, to his Glory… so that you may spread the Truth abroad and that with it your hearts my be united… and walk in it and in the love of it….” George Fox, from Dalston, the 24th of 9th Month, 1682

“Are there not different states, different degrees, different growths, different places? … Therefore, watch every one to feel and know his own place and service in the body, and to be sensible of the gifts, places and services of others, that the Lord may be honoured in all and every one owned and honoured in the Lord, and no otherwise.” Isaac Penington, 1667

“One of life’s hardest lessons is that there is no justification for expecting that our neighbour is to traverse precisely the same path that which we ourselves have followed… The difficulty in grasping this truth is increased in proportion as one’s own experience has been vivid and clearly defined. One who has been lifted out of the horrible pit, has had his feet set upon a rock, and a new song put in his mouth, finds it hard to believe that another who has arrived quietly and without crisis, with no strong consciousness of guilt and no corresponding ecstasy of deliverance, can really be a disciple at all.” William Littleboy, 1916

“Part of the cost of discipleship is living with the other disciples.” Beth Allen, 1984


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