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A Call to Peace by Jon Maroni

Good morning, and welcome to Spokane Friends. I have shared this quote before but given peace as our topic today, I am going to share it again. It comes from Oscar Romero, who was the Archbishop of the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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World Quaker Day 2018 by Colin Saxton

Thank you for inviting me.  You are all part of my home/family/mother — responsible for who I am. Hear that as “thanks” rather than “blame.” Lots of Quakers round the world…may wish you would have done a better job…but I … Continue reading

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That of God in ME? by Lois Kieffaber

The thoughts I am sharing this morning are based on ideas from the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women’s Theology Conference.  That word “theology” sounds a bit scary, but the type of theology referred to is narrative theology, that is, theology based … Continue reading

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Minding our (Cancer) Metaphors by Lois Kieffaber

Some years ago I began thinking about the language we use when we talk about cancer, when I read an article that questioned whether a church with a peace testimony should use militaristic language when speaking about cancer.  Sort of … Continue reading

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My Father’s Eyes: Part III of Spirituality of Eric Clapton’s Music by Jonas Cox

Welcome to part III of a series on Spirituality of Eric Clapton’s music.  During part I of this sermon series we established Eric Clapton as a Rock and Roll bad boy blessed with the ability to not only play guitar … Continue reading

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God Spelled Backward by Pam Emery

I don’t know about you but I have so enjoyed the different voices we have heard from this pulpit in the last few months. I love hearing how the spirit speaks to us so differently yet really quite the same.

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Jesus, the Hero We Can Actually Follow by Jon Maroni

Today I am asking us as we prepare to welcome Christ into our hearts and minds for Christmas to think about Christ being like us in every way, knowing what it is to be tempted, to be downtrodden, to struggle, … Continue reading

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Names and Images of God by Leann Williams

I volunteered, somewhat reluctantly, to serve on the Planning Committee for the 2018 Quaker Women’s Theology Conference at the end of the 2016 conference. Our first face-to-face meeting was in Seattle shortly after the election that gave us Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Sarah, My Sister, Part II by Lois Kieffaber

You may recall several weeks ago when we first looked at the Old Testament record of Sarah’s life, we learned that the two most widely used terms for “God” in the old testament were not confined to one gender.  The … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News, Fake News and the Gospel by Rusty Nelson

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