Holding in the Light

During Meeting for Worship, many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings; others share concerns.  You may wish to carry these joys and concerns in your heart and remember them in your prayers.

Comfort and strength for the family of the firefighter who lost his life.

Jack and wife leaving our community for New York to help family members there.

 Comfort and healing for extended family members that are victims of COVID.

Adjusting to and accommodating changing needs of family members.

Judi in Mexico as she follows a leading of the Spirit

Possible postponement because of COVID of a critical surgery for Mila Rose.

Surgery for a hand infection.

Healing from a motorcycle accident and strength for the caregiver.

An unexpected diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

World Relief as it searches for temporary housing and furnishing for incoming immigrants.

Firefighters battling the many fires in the western United States, and those whose health is threatened by the resulting smoke.

Hope that our country may begin to address the systematic racism of our economic and criminal justice systems. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot overcome hate; only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.