Holding in the Light

During Meeting for Worship, many share joys about changes in their lives, new opportunities, new jobs, new ministries, unexpected blessings. Many also share concerns you may wish to carry on your heart and remember in your prayers.


Jon’s grandmother, facing a change of living situation.

Charlene, working to complete her National Board Certification.

Sue at ManorCare Health Services and Milt at Veterans Retirement Home

Amber and Howard’s trip back to Spokane after Howard’s surgery

For the families of victims of the mosque mass murders in New Zealand.

Our Meeting’s decision regarding whether to affiliate with a Yearly Meeting.

Those who do ministry with our support: Jonathan and Carol; Elizabeth T; and those organizations with which we work: Caritas Outreach Ministry; Faith Action Network, Family Promise; and others.

Openness of hearts and borders of our country to families displaced by war and poverty.

Those whose lives are oppressed and are vulnerable to violence here and abroad.

For Friends Committee on National Legislation in Washington, DC, who are advocating on our behalf against the use of violence to solve our differences with other nations.

We pray for our President, Senators and Member of Congress, our Governor, and those who represent us as members of Washington State Legislature.

Love is the will to nurture life and growth in oneself and in another. Love is personal; it is the sacred trust of living things.    Donald Green, 1982